What Is The Best Home Workout by an Olympic Gold Medalist?

“I love the endorphins after a good workout and I love feeling a sense of community when we are doing something together,”

…says gold medal Olympian and ESPN analyst Jessica Mendoza, on staying fit during the Corona-virus outbreak.


This fun article only takes about 2 min to read and another minute to watch the video.

It reinforces that maintaining fitness releases feel good endorphins.

There is a daily pay-off to working out and feeling great!

To see the short video and read the ESPN article  Click Here .


Note:  There are maintainers all over the world!  I like to look up a location associated with the person and see places I have never seen before.

Today’s location is Jessica’s birthplace, Camarillo, CA.  Never stopped in there, but have driven through on Hwy 101.   Click Here to learn a little bit more about it.  Enjoy!  TK.  (04/17/20 – 1).


Journaling Jokes:

Happy gym workout photo by Anastase Maragos, Unsplash.

Timothy Kirk

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