29 Glorious Benefits to Being Hydrated!

“If you’re reading this: Drink a glass of water. You likely need it, as 75 percent of Americans are described as “chronically dehydrated.”

While achieving a state of hydration might seem enviable and impossible, fret not because it’s doable.

And the health benefits are not only encouraging, but they are also downright inspiring in the immediate short term, but especially in the long run.”

In this brief and concise article (link below) I roughly counted 29 benefits across a large period of time for being properly hydrated.

I have seen many articles that have 5 or so benefits, but this one packs in a huge number.

One thing I’ve noticed regarding hydration is this piece of advice repeated over and over:  “When you wake up, drink two cups of water…  You haven’t had any in about 8 hours.”

Those in the modeling business especially subscribe to this because they need to keep their skin in tip-top shape.   Both Cheryl Tiegs and Christy Brinkley come to mind who live by this daily habit.

Photo by Alexandru Zdrobau, Unsplash.


I fill a 16 ounce mug of lemonade and place it on my nightstand before going to sleep.  It is there when I wake up and I drink it!  How hard is that?  Check that off the list.

Here is a second thing, if I wake up in the middle of the night and I am thirsty, I drink some of that water.  I don’t blow this off.

My body is in rest and recovery mode and if it needs water, I give it water.

And then I go back to sleep and without question, when I wake up I feel better than having not drank the water.

I can tell the difference between waking up dehydrated vs. hydrated.

Dehydrated, I’m dragging out of bed.  Hydrated, I wake right up, alert, and no brain fog.

Please Click Here to read the hydration article by Kristin Limoges in Domino.com.

Bonus:   There are maintainers all over the world!  I like to look up an article’s location and see places I have never seen or been to before.

Today instead of a location I found this amazing video of an elephant that paints!    Please click below to see it.  Enjoy!  TK.  (05/15/20 – 29).

Check out this awesome video by clicking below!


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