Energize Your Brain With These 10 Sure-Fire Tips

When we are out in the community, one of the most common questions we are asked is

“How can I prevent Alzheimer’s disease?”

…Says Vicky Rose, MSW, Memory Disorder Clinic Coordinator at Tallahassee Memorial Health Care.


While searching for an images for this post relating to brain health,

over and over again pictures kept coming up of delicious, nutritious food.

Also people doing physical activities.

Sleeping and resting well.

Socializing with others.  But do we actively practice these?

I highly recommend keeping a good journal for weight, health and fitness which doubles your success rate vs. not keeping a journal.

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Note:  There are maintainers all over the world!  I like to look up an article’s location and see places I have never seen before.

Today’s location is Tallahassee, Florida, its capital.  Click Here to learn a little bit more about it.  Some really nice pictures in the Wikipedia post.  Enjoy!  TK.  (04/18/20 – 2).


Journaling Jokes:

Article by Vick Rose, Tallahassee Democrat.

Brain photo by Natasha Connell, Unsplash.

Food photo by Louis Hansel, Unsplash.

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