The 11 Best Habits That Boosts Your Memory

That memory you are trying to recall is floating around in your brain somewhere!  Where did it go?

This is a fun article Kathy Benjamin written for Mental Floss a few years back.

It fits right in with this blog’s premise that we want to maintain our weight health and fitness and most of us are very interested in keeping our memories and thinking abilities sharp and tuned up.

The article’s 11 tips are worth spending some time on because each one has a reference article to read that more fully explains the specific hack.  Which one of these is the one that most appeals to you and will be the most beneficial?

For me it is points 4 and 5, Exercise and Sleep.

Now that may seem like a no brainer (excuse the pun), but doggone it, when it comes to maintaining, you need to have cardinal habits and good practices always at the forefront of your memory daily.

I have to remind myself to get up and do my exercise and remind myself to go to bed at the right time, either one I can backslide from in a moment and that is not good.

But then memory hack point number 6, is to use a crazy font, that was new to me.  What you have to do is take something you are reading and change its font, then try to learn from it.

The difference in the font increases the efficiency at which you can remember! 


Please Click Here to read the full article.


The 12th memory hack.  By the way, if you keep a journal and review it periodically, you’ll be surprised to rediscover things you had forgotten that become very useful.  This makes for a good 12th hack!


Note:  There are maintainers all over the world!  I like to look up an article’s location and see places I have never seen or been to before.

Today’s location is where the author of the article,  Kathy Benjamin lives, Austin, Texas, winner of many “Best Places to Live in the U.S”.

I did live in Austin many years back when stationed at Bergstrom AFB.  Lots of cool things to see and do there in Austin.

Please  Click Here to read about Austin.    Enjoy!   TK.   (05/03/20 – 17).


Journaling Jokes:

Diver photo by Vlad Tchompalov, Unsplash.

Sleeping in hammock above a river photo by Dean Deaner, Unsplash.

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