Restless And Overtired? Helpful Tips To Combat Technology

“We have become restless as a society – and that places more demands on us when we get into bed at night.

We have lost our little rituals and practices that gave us little respites (breaks) during the day.

In the past, you would go to the supermarket and, while you were waiting in the line,

You’d daydream…  be a bit bored…   look around.

Now, any window like that will be filled by looking at your phone,

Answering some emails, sorting out your Amazon account,” 

…Says  Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan author of The Little Book of Sleep.

She is a physiologist, sleep therapist and she obtained her B.Sc. and Ph.D. from King’s College London.


Are we individually and collectively over-tired?

Is sleep expendable?

This thought provoking article has a lot interesting information.

It points out some particular bad habits that if replaced will help correct sleeping issues.

Interestingly, many of them are simple, common-sense practices we would use with raising children.


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Article by Joanna Moorehead for the Guardian.

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