The Most Surprising Reason to Keep a Simple Journal.

For me, there’s only one reason to keep a journal: To manage myself. 

That’s the only practical reason I can think of.

Why else would you keep a journal? It’s not that my life is so interesting that I can ever sell it as a memoir.”   …Says Darius of

He continues “No, I see journaling as a self-improvement tool. Nothing else.

Most of us still see journaling as a hobby or something that we do for fun or to relax. Sure, those reasons might be true for some. But for most, there’s only one why: Self-improvement.

How do you expect to improve yourself if you don’t know yourself?

You truly get to know the quality of your thoughts when you write them down.”


There are several new writers who have appeared on the scene the past few years such as James Clear, Benjamin Hardy, Jeff Goins and the author of today’s post, Darius Foroux who lives in the Netherlands!

The thing I like most about his (and the others) blog posts is how clear and concise they are when presenting a topic.

Keeping a journal has been near and dear to my heart for several decades in regards to maintaining my weight, health and fitness to which this blog is dedicated.

Darius and the others (whom I will be sharing with you in subsequent posts) have all written wonderful articles that have appeared in numerous publications regarding journaling, habits, and self-improvement.

This article also contains some really good insights to think about.  Just answer the questions Darius poses and you’ll find you have plenty to write about.

Also he has over 300 posts on his blog and books and courses too.

Sign up for his newsletter too.

Personally, I believe it is important to have good things constantly coming into my inbox which helps me keep my “maintain” mindset in tune.

“Maintaining” is a daily war.  Carry on!


Please Click Here to read Darius’s full article.


Note:  There are maintainers all over the world!  I like to look up an article’s location and see places I have never seen or been to before.

Today’s location is the Netherlands.  Click Here to see this very colorful “Travel Away” article by Meeroona.

I’ve never been there, but there are a lot of familiar landmarks in this article.  How about tulips and bike riding to start things off!

Enjoy!    TK.     (04/27/20 – 11).


Journaling Jokes:

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Calendar photo:  Manasvita S, Unsplash.

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