When is the Very Best Time To Exercise?

We all know we should exercise regularly, but it can be difficult to fit exercise into our busy schedules.

Most people can only exercise before or after work, so it’s worth examining whether the time of day we exercise affects outcomes such as weight loss and sleep.”

    ….Says Paige Brooker, a PhD candidate at The University of Queensland shares her research on this subject that has so many different angles:

When to exercise?

Before or after breakfast?

During lunch hour?

After work?

What time burns most fat?


She cites multiple different actual research studies that address each of them and the results are surprising.

When determining the best time for you, I suggest you keep a journal and make note of your moods and energy levels.

As you try different things, connect the dots between exercise parameters, recovery cycles, sleep, food, mood and energy levels.

Over time you’ll be able to hone in on the ideal “maintain” habits and routines that keep you at optimum levels.

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Note:  There are maintainers all over the world!  I like to look up an article’s location and see places I have never seen before.

Today’s location is Queensland, Australia.  Never been there, it’s a long ways from here!   Click Here to learn a little bit more about Queensland.  Enjoy!  TK.  (04/20/20 – 4).

Journaling Jokes:

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Article from “The Conversation”.

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