How This Champion Boxer Is Staying Fit And Healthy

The 37-year-old six-time world champion and Olympic medalist is gearing up for a golden punch at next year’s Olympics,” writes Indraneel Das for Express News Service in India.


Mary Kom says:  “Right now, all of us staying indoors is required and is very important because we all know that corona virus is so dangerous.

We can lose our lives also. My activity as a sportsperson is very rigorous, we train regularly.

But during the lock down, I do my workout one time a day. It’s very important for us to remain fit because of the upcoming competitions.

If we keep training, then it’s easy for all of us. If we’re going to compete in future competitions, then we have to ensure that we remain fit.

Maintaining fitness is very important not just for sports persons, but for everyone. Even for normal people keeping fit is important and healthy. Not only for me but for my husband and kids too, they are doing activities and playing.”

Mary Kom is staying in shape because she wants to fight for the gold medal in the upcoming Olympics.  She is a very accomplished person, including being a member of India’s Parliament!

But for the focus of this blog I was drawn to her statement:  “Maintaining fitness is very important not just for sports persons, but for everyone. Even for normal people keeping fit is important and healthy.”


Can’t say it any better than that!  What are the odds she knows how to keep a journal to track her fitness?  I have seen time and again the athletes at the top of their game are active journalers.

There is so much to read about what she has done, so there are multiple links.  I will also leave a link to a movie trailer because she had a movie done about her in 2014.

Click Here /full article.   Click Here /biography.    Click Here /movie trailer.

Note:  There are maintainers all over the world!  I like to look up an article’s location and see places I have never seen or been to before.
Please  Click Here to read about Manipur, India where Mary lives.
I was surprised to learn how a thin portion of India wraps around the top of Bangladesh and Manipur is on its east side.   Enjoy!   TK.   (05/02/2020 – 16).
Journaling Jokes:
Article by Indraneel Das Express News Service

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