15 Tips to Being Happy, Calm, Rewarded & Loved!

“When it comes to happiness and your brain, we first need to talk about Serotonin.

It is your “Happy Neurotransmitter,”  allowing you to feel happy, calm, and fulfilled.

Neurotransmitters are what your brain uses to communicate from brain cell to brain cell.  Without the proper levels of neurotransmitters freely flowing through our mind and body, we are operating with limited resources.

Can we hack our own happiness, or at least increase our likelihood of achieving happiness,  by increasing our levels of serotonin naturally?”  Asks writer Suhasini Reddy in this helpful article for the Hans New Service in India.

This article has a lot of information which is why I saved it when I first read it.

The author first describes the function of the 4 main hormones and then has multiple tips on how we can release and enjoy them naturally.

“My hormones are all messed up!” seems to be a good answer, when having a bad hair day and someone asks, “How you doing?”

But there are tips and techniques here that can energize the good hormones while chasing away the bad ones.

And you know, how many times a day to we think about how we feel?

I feel good.

I feel bad.

I feel happy.

I feel sad.

I feel energetic.

I feel lazy…and on and on.

In large part “how we feel” is based on which hormones are running around our brain and bodies!

Please Click Here to read (and study) the full article.

Note:  There are maintainers all over the world!  I like to look up an article’s location and see places I have never seen or been to before.

Today’s location is where the author of the article,  Suhasini Reddy lives,  Please  Click Here to read about Hyderabad, India.    Enjoy!   TK.    (05/01/20 -15).


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