How To Quickly Release Endorphins In 10 Easy Minutes!

“A new YouGov survey has some surprising news when it comes to releasing endorphins:

It turns out British adults experience a natural high from exercise in only 9 minutes and 44 seconds,”

…writes Annie Simon in this Independent article.

Women achieve endorphins release faster than men, younger faster than older, but it’s only a few minutes difference between all groups.

What does this mean?

This finding may help those who have a tough time getting motivated. It can be hard to get off the couch or out of bed to do a workout…

But the benefits are quick if you do!

Your mindset full of do-nothing cobwebs gets cleared out fast when the endorphins show up.  I was so glad to find this article, because it confirms what I had already figured out

My daily 30 minute A.M. Endorphin workout that I use does just that:

10 minutes of brisk aerobics.  5 minutes of flexing.  15 minutes with weights.

All while listening to an encouraging message, or music, or a video stimulating my mind.

They last all day long too!

Creativity shows up ready to go.  As does humor, well-being, fun!  Difficult projects are MUCH easier to conquer.

The challenge of getting things done is enjoyable.

You do not have to run a marathon to release and enjoy Endorphins all day long!

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…Note:  There are maintainers all over the world!  I like to look up an article’s location and see places I have never seen or been before.

Today’s location is London, England.   Click Here to learn more about it.

Never been there, but there are a lot of familiar landmarks I have seen time and again.

Enjoy!  TK.  (04/26/20 – 10).


Journaling Jokes:

Story by Annie Simone for the Independent.

Exercise photo by Anupam Mahapatra, Unsplash.

Ideas photo by Mika Baumeister, Unsplash.

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