Which Happy Hormones Make You Contented and Fulfilled?

“There are four chemicals that exist in our bodies that are responsible for making us feel our lives are satisfying, happy, content and fulfilling.

Each of these chemicals is responsible for different experiences in our life that lead to fulfillment.

These chemicals are dopamine, endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin,”  writes Dr. Shelly Zavala for the Newport Beach Independent.

Endorphins are the most well known of these four hormones probably because of the countless articles on “the runner’s high” that describes a euphoric type experience that have been written.

But the other 3 have a huge effect on our moods and feelings.  It is worth the effort to learn about them.  These hormones are definitely controlled by our actions and activities.

Interestingly, two can be considered to be “me” hormones and the other two are “others” hormones yet we all benefit when all four hormones are in balance and working for us.

When you pay attention and have all four of these working in harmony then each day can be a really good day.  Yes, you can control your hormones by doing the right things, daily.


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